Travel & Transport

Travel & Transport

Going on a cruise, a luxury plane trip or travelling on one of the world’s great trains – for many people these represent trips of a lifetime. And even with regular customers, opting for these high ticket experiences is not something to be taken lightly.

With an immersive 3D virtual tour, your customers have all the detail they need to be able to make a decision. Cruise travellers can see every inch of a ship, the layout and different merits of various staterooms and cabins, as well as all the available leisure, health, dining and entertainment facilities. The same goes for a trip on one of the world’s great trains, whereby you can view each individual seat or berth, along with all the facilities. With an exclusive plane journey or private jet charter, the seating, leg space, leisure areas, cockpit and everything else is all clear in every detail.

In each case, one of the big advantages is the aerial drone footage which is a part of the experience, to enable customers to appreciate these luxury forms of transport from every angle, and in their natural environment.

As with all of our immersive tours, selling points can be highlighted, bookings made and websites linked to – ensuring that those who witness these virtual experiences are one step closer to making them a reality.