Sports Venues, Golf Courses, Leisure Centres and Gyms

Sports Venues, Golf Courses, Leisure Centres and Gyms

How much space is there at your sports venue? What exactly does each machine in your gym do? How do you play a particular hole on your golf course? Is your yoga teacher (and the mat) up to scratch? How powerful are those trampolines? And just how difficult is that climbing wall?

While words and figures can tell you a certain amount, the only way to really find out about somewhere without physically travelling there is to view it via an immersive 3D tour.  For anyone in the sports or leisure sector, they are a natural part of your marketing.

Golfers love to play different courses, and if they can see via stunning aerial photography the exact layout of each hole, then in their mind’s eye they are already halfway towards playing a round on your course.

It is much the same for those looking to keep fit or participate in individual or team sports. They can see if your venue will suit their five-a-side team, their playing partner or their guests, the state of the surface, the level and condition of the facilities and equipment, the classes and support offered.

In addition they can make a booking on the spot, or link to your website or a third party’s website. All this can be done at any time, from anywhere, and via any platform.