Museums, Art Galleries, Cultural Institutions

Museums, Art Galleries, Cultural Institutions

Visiting cultural institutions such as museums and art galleries is a wonderful experience, but it can pose problems as well. School trips are often expensive and hard to organise. For others who live far away or find it difficult to travel, a visit to your premises can be nigh on impossible.

The sheer amount of what is typically on display also means that visitors can typically only touch the surface of what they see on an actual visit.

With an immersive 3D tour, all that changes. Many more people can see your exhibits or installations, in every detail and from multiple angles, focusing on what they want and skipping others, just as on an actual visit.  Key points can be highlighted with further information and links to your site or a third party’s.

You can also put your virtual tour behind a firewall, making it only visible to your members, or to those who have paid to view.